Joe Exotic Official Statement on Trump Being Convicted

Trump convicted of 34 felonies is exactly what him and his campaign needed.

Don't get me wrong I like Trump, but maybe now if he becomes President again this just might pass him off enough to clean this system up and get the constitution changed so that federal judges and U.S. Attorneys are elected instead of giving them a life time job of screwing people over.

The millions Trump has spent on a defense still didn't beat a corrupt system so how can us normal people ever beat it?

If Trump would have been found innocent and become President he would have just moved on and let the system just keep abusing poor people, just like he screamed lock her up in 2016 then done nothing one he got elected.

The 2 million people currently in jail and prison are now saying how do you like it nor, but still have hopes he wins and cleans this system up.

Even though he will never spend a day in jail he should have some empathy how I've spent time with cancer in here for 6 years and others spend even more time in these shit holes.

The proof is on that the government knew their witnesses were lying and admitted to perjury but the public thinks Trump is the only one being railroaded which is funny how he is always innocent but the rest of us are guilty of what we have been accused of.

I wish since Trump has the right to travel until sentencing he would come have a sit down with me and explain how this system is kidnapping true Americans to be slaves and live like rats.

He has the Republican party that could change so much even before becoming President if he would now just give a shit.

Come see me Trump, hell I might make the best Vice President pick you could ever ask for.

Hell right now we are both felons for life so let's #fixthisshit together.

Joe Exotic

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