ALDF brokers and animal purchase from Joe Exotic

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Gabriela Cowperthwaite are not very innocent when it comes to running animal scams.

They supported the Big Cat Safety Act and blamed us big cat owners of selling tigers on the black market with no proof at all and killing cubs when they got too big to use, which is all lies.

But while getting the world to dig deep in their pockets and donate to them to stop us, they were running their own scam behind everyone's back.

Alene Anello with the Animal Legal Defense Fund on May 9, 2018 brokered a deal and had the Lockwood Animal "Rescue" Center write the GW Zoo a check for $12,856.82 to buy 27 wolves from us in Oklahoma that we had taken in earlier that year.

Why did they want to buy them so bad? To make a movie just like Tiger King, a Blackfish but about wolves and how people are abusing them and killing them just to raise money from you.

In fact, while they were at the GW ZOO picking them up, they were so untrained on how to tranquilize them and properly move them that our zoo vet and us stood back and wanted nothing to do with how they were catching them to put them in their transport cages.

They killed one by overdosing it and stressing it out.

Others were bleeding from the mouth from biting the catch poles and from being shot with darts.

All so they could film everything to make themselves look like hero's saving these wolves from zoos and sanctuaries.

Rescuing animals is a multi-BILLION dollar business.

That is why there is so much lobbying and advertising put behind animal abuse and rescue because the ones playing the saviors are the ones really doing the bad things to animals just to raise donations.

Carole at Big Cat Rescue used to operate on healthy tigers and lions on Facebook live just to raise money making you think that she was doing all of these surgeries to save these animals, when in fact once the money train ran out on each animal they ended up dying of some disease like cancer or kidney failure.

Hell she even done a sex change on one to be the first in the world to perform it and shocked a snow leaopard over 2500 times to try to break up a kidney stone and killed it instead of just operating on it to take it out.

She set records killing animals to prove she could be the first.

The emails and check prove what I am saying about the ALDF and their fake wolf rescue story. They bought them and ran the check through this wolf sanctuary so they wouldn't be tied to buying fake rescues, but I saved all the emails to prove it.

This is why I am in prison and there are so many more things to expose in the animal rescue world just like Miranda Lambert and her Mutt Nation.

Joe Exotic did things right and Joe Exotic documented everything to prove what scams were being done and that is why they had to arrest me, hold me without bond, allow Jeff Lowe to destroy everything in my house and sell everything else.

Too bad I kept everything in my email and I removed my hard drives before they had a chance to arrest me.

Now do you see why they wanted to kill me and why I am here?

Enjoy the truth.

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