Biden Prison Crisis- An Inside Look By Joe Exotic

Biden Prison Crisis
An Inside Look By Joe Exotic
May 13, 2024

Just so everyone is on the same page the Department of Justice runs the Federal Bureau of Prisons also known as the (BOP) and it is on the brink of collapsing right before President Bidens eyes.

In 2020 do you remember him standing on that stage at the Drive Inn with everyone honking their horns and flashing their lights? Him and VP Harris promising to reform the Justice System and Prison System since they were the ones to add so many people to the prison system over their war on drugs?

Well to this day they have done NOTHING to fix any of the problems in either department other then spent 4 years going after former President Trump while the taxpayers pay for personal vendettas between the Democrats and Republicans.

President Biden spends more money on foreign wars and time spent of promoting the LGBTQ community that he can't focus on the real problems facing our Justice System and Prison System. Lord knows he does nothing to help the LGBTQ community that is in his failing prison system.

Below I am going to give you some chapters explaining what is going wrong within this system and what could be done to improve or at least help fund some of its own way out of this problem it is in. 

Staff Shortages

As of today, NPR radio has done an in-depth look into the BOP and its staff. Would it surprise you to find out that the BOP has over 8,800 Employees short of running the Federal Prison System and more are quitting by the day. An armed security guard at the mall must have more training than that of a Federal Correction Officer.

It was promised by the Biden Administration that the new Director Collette Peters was going to fix this problem when she became director of the BOP, but it has continued to just go downhill at an alarming rate.

Over 1/3 of the inmate deaths are located at just one prison located in Butner NC. and there are a couple of reasons for that.
1- is staff shortage in other prisons that cannot take proper care of the inmates and by the time they are noted to be sick it is too late to save them at Butner because their illness is too far advanced.
2- Their medical staff just don’t care because inmates to them are just a number and if you are in prison you’re just a piece of shit in their minds and it doesn't matter if you’re innocent or not. The BOP has filled its medical staff with Nigerians who hate everyone and think that sending you to the commissary to buy over the counter Ibuprofen heals everything because people in their country would love to have this medical care.

Over 50% of the deaths in the BOP are from suicide from people being placed in solitary confinement and I will get into this much later in this story. 

BOP and Bidens Pollution and Money Waste

Today there are over 165,000 Federal Inmates in Federal Prisons with over another 80,000 in U.S. Marshalls custody being held in County jails all over the United States and nearly 60,000 at transfer centers ran by the BOP.

During the COVID crisis in 2020 the BOP alone used styrofoam to go food containers with lids to feed all Federal Inmates because the Staff did not want to be the ones washing dishes while the prisons were locked down for COVID and inmates could not do the work like normal so they fed the inmates 3 times a day using these foam trays, plastic spoons and foam cup. So, consider that it takes years for this stuff to decompose and there were 165,000 people using these 3 times a day totaling 495,000 amount of food trays per day equaling 180,675,000 per year. Now let’s say the tray and the spoon and cup together cost only .15 cents making this $27,101,250.00 per year being spent from you the taxpayer because paying a staff member $30.00 plus an hour is not enough to wash dishes to keep the system on budget.

Now today alone in the transfer centers (and I just went through 3 of them last month) are still using this to this day because they are short staff and cannot babysit inmates to wash dishes, or they are too lazy to watch inmates wash dishes or the BOP director just don't care how much it cost you out of your taxpayer pocket book that 60,000 inmates are wasting     180,000 this many sets of foam trays, spoons, cups per day at $27,000.00 per day and $9,855,000.00 per year.

President Biden is so concerned about the climate that pollution does not even cross his mind. It makes as much sense as not drilling of U.S. Soil for our own oil and gas, but he can brag about putting wind farms in our oceans which is the most delicate eco system on our planet. 

U.S. Marshall cost for BOP inmates 

The U.S. Marshall Service is responsible for transporting Federal Inmates from Prison to Prison and for Housing inmates waiting for trial or waiting to be sentenced and they do this with contracts at local county jails.

Keep in mind your tax dollars in your county are paying to run this very county jail and some county jails care holding up to 800 Federal Inmates a day for the Marshall Service because some are just simply waiting for an opening at a Federal Prison, they are so overpopulated. It has been reported that they pay the county jail up to $300.00 per inmate per day but I am going to use $45.00 per inmate per day to just show you the lowest possible cost I could come up with for this example.

There are over 70,000 inmates in county jails that your county is double collecting from you to house and run your county jail. You are paying with local tax dollars and then getting taxed again with Federal Tax dollars to keep people in jail for non-violent crimes. So, take 70,000 inmates a day per $3,150,000.00 per day equaling $1,149,750,000.00 yes that’s One Billion with a B per year just going to county jails alone.

Now word has it that you pay $45,000.00 per year for each inmate to be in BOP custody. America taxpayers are paying over $7,425,000,000.00 per year (Yes that is 7 with a B) to hold non-violent offenders of white collars crimes and simple drug charges that could be released on home confinement or probation.

My 2-month Trip around the BOP 

Now let me explain how the care and food and transport is done with a total of over 36 billion per year going to the prison system in just waste and this is NOT INCLUDING payroll, and bills like electric, water, sewer, food, maintenance etc. 

I left FMC Fort Worth on March 19, 2024, to go to Pensacola Florida for Court on the 23rd of April. They put me on the road for over 1 month before Court and charged you the taxpayer for this whole time of traveling and housing me at county jails and holdovers when I could have got an airplane ticket and been there in 2 hours one day prior.

I arrived at Grady County Jail on the night of March 19th, 2024, and was placed in Isolation for a week and half while you were paying for my stay and to pocket the extra income in their county jail.

Then I got on a Federal Plane loaded with over 200 other inmates and flew to Tampa Florida where we unloaded and loaded more inmates and flew to Jacksonville Florida where we loaded and unloaded inmates and I got on a bus with over 50 inmates and drove to Tallahassee Florida where I said just nearly 5 hours before boarding a bus with over 50 inmates and headed for Pensacola Florida where I stayed until April the 25, 2024.

Leaving Santa Rosa County Jail after nearly 3 weeks there just waiting for my 6 hours in court it has now cost you nearly $13,500.00 in just county jail fees not including airplane cost, buss cost for 6 hours of court that could have been done by zoom for free.

And think, right now today there are close to 70,000 other inmates doing this exact thing costing you over 1 million a month when most of this could be done by zoom or just leaving inmates where they are in the prison they are.

Then I leave Santa Rosa on the 25th of April and bus back to Tallahassee Florida where I get processed in and given a TB test and told to have it checked in 3 days.

here they are so short of supplies is what we are told that they cannot even give you clean socks, underwear, t-shirt, soap, hair comb or soap to bath with. We were allowed to bathe the first night with maggot worms in the cracks of the tile in the showers from not being cleaned so long and then locked down for the remainder of my stay with no shower or able to even comb my hair for the next 4 days. On the third day I was supposed to have my TB test read by a nurse and that took raising hell to get someone to look at it and when I did it wasn't even in the computer that they gave me the test because the man doing the test was so busy playing grab ass with the female staff he forgot to put us in the computer for giving us the test so the nurse didn’t want to accept that we had it done.

The night of the 29th of April I board another buss and headed for Atlanta Ga to the Federal Holdover there arriving around noon and was shifted between holding cell to holding cell for about 6 hours with nowhere to use the restroom or get anything to drink. (Keep in mind the USDA Animal Welfare Act says you cannot let an animal go one hour without water).

So that night I finally make it to a cell where yet once again we get locked behind the door until the 5th of May without a shower, any soap, or the ability to comb your hair and still in the same underwear, t-shirt, and socks that I left wearing in Pensacola Florida back on the 25th of April.

During my stay at Tallahassee Florida and Atlanta GA., not one time locked behind the door did a guard make a round to see if any inmate was sick, dead or in trouble. They all want to use the excuse that they are short of help is why they lock you up, but that does not stop them from sitting in the office asleep or vaping in and on Federal Property.

Finally, the night of the 5th I board a bus wearing the same clothes and go to the Atlanta airport to board the Federal Plan with over 200 other inmates and fly to Oklahoma City Transfer Center at the Airport there.

We arrive around 2.30 pm and are put in one cell with 80 people until 8.40pm that night with nothing to drink again for over 6.5 hours.

Once I finally made it to my cell, I found out that none of my medicine made the trip and they put me in solitary confinement yet once again and wanted to blame it on keeping me safe due to the press. Keeping me safe? No radio, No TV, no books, or anything to do but lay there and pray to God your heart stops. It took two days just to get a cup to drink from and again no hygiene stuff or a comb to comb your hair. Keep in mind I am still in the same clothes now and have not combed my hair since the 24th of April and it is now the 9th of May.

The United States Government cares so less about an inmate’s mental status and what they do to us putting us behind a door with nothing and treating us worse than you can legally treat an animal in a cage in this country. The night of the 9th at about 10.15pm the young man two doors down from me HUNG HIMSELF and again no one made any rounds to check on you and he was far to dead already to even attempt CPR.

What the Department of Justice and the BOP do to humans locking them behind a door for days and months on end should be criminal. I was always told by law they had to let you out 1 hour per day. This is being so abused and ignored by everyone and they blame being short on staff as their excuse to break the law.

Collette Peters the Director should be held criminally responsible for every suicide in solitary confinement because she is responsible for her staff’s actions just like the Judge at my sentencing said I was responsible for everything that happened at my zoo before he gave me 22 years in prison. So why is no one being held accountable for all these people forced to kill themselves due to the neglect and torture?

The night of the 9th of May I boarded a bus with 50 other inmates and headed to Texarkana to the prison there to drop off inmates and pick up more then head to Seagoville Tx where we spend the night.

Now at this prison we were locked behind the door but at least with a full hot meal, hygiene stuff to shower with as there were showers in the rooms and the staff gave me a comb to comb my hair for the first time in nearly 3 weeks and was able to shave for the first time since the 24th of April.

Leaving on the morning of the 10th of May for the FMC Fort Worth where I was welcomed back, given my property the same day and was finally able to care for myself for the first time in two months. Now just to get some privileges back so I can fight my case with my new legal team.

(In Memory of the poor soul who died alone in a cold empty concrete room).

Federal Prison VS County Jails 

Now let me explain to you how the Federal Prison System is losing money, costing you more of your tax dollars vs the way a simple county jail and how they have at least turned it into a profitable business. 

On top of making $45.00 per day per inmate charging the U.S. Marshall service to house an inmate they do the following where the Federal BOP is so far behind times simply because of poor management.

I will use Grady County Jail and Santa Rosa County Jail as examples of the Federal Prisons. 

#County- has tablets that have PLUTO TV, GOLD TV for .03cents a minute and you can text your family for .25cents a text and make calls for around .21 cents a minute. You can watch any kind of movie that is on TV, use the legal library, and play games.

#Federal- has tablets that only has games, music and rent a movie and watch it one and half times and the movies cater to the sex offenders like the movie Frozen, Little Mermaid and Minions. It’s like shit these are grown ass men with child sex problems. Make them watch adult movies. 

#County- You are allowed to spend at most places $300.00 per week on commissary. They order once a week on Mondays and then on Wednesdays they have a go cart that comes around with new candy, chips, and soda on it to buy. Then on Fridays they have fresh favorites where your people on the outside can order you double cheeseburgers and a pound of fries for 21.00 and boneless wings and fries for 16.99 and pizza and fries for 16.99 just the same as free world food.

#Federal- You are allowed to spend only $360.00 a month and this is for food, clothes, and shoes with nothing else extra and that is if the wardens are not punishing you for something someone else does and drop it to $180.00 per month. 

#County- you can do video visits for .50cents a minute anytime you want.
#Federal- has no video visits 

#County- you can buy as many phone minutes as you want.
#Federal- when they charge you can only buy 300 minutes a month. 

#County- SHU (Solitary), they only put you in it for 2 hours in most cases.
#Federal- SHU (Solitary), They put you in there for years at a time.

 #County- They sell eSig’s for 13.99 each and chew pouches for 16.99
#Federal- The guards cell you a pack of cigs for $225.00 but don’t allow smoking

#County and State allow you bond even on large murder cases
#Federal holds you without bond even on simple drug charges to charge you this money. 

#County and State allows cameras in the court room
#Federal does not so you cannot document the corruption 

#County is about keeping your mind right and giving you freedom to contact family and friends
#Federal is about fucking up your head and mind control and mass punishment

Federal Prison spends more of your taxpayer money shipping people from prison to prison for doing drugs but there are more drugs sold in Federal Prison then I ever seen on the street in my 55 years. They will never stop the drugs from coming in the front door for $7,000.00 per ounce of meth. The system is too corrupt, and the money is too good to stop them from bringing it in so why keep shipping them around because the most locked down prisons still have drugs.

In every Federal Prison I have been in the smoking of K2 problem is out of control and I never seen it in a county jail that I have been in. 

If it wasn't so hard to get anything approved, it would be so easy to set up a fresh favorite system in this prison I am in. I could provide the same 1/2-pound burger and fries for under $5.00 and profit the prison $16.00 each burger sold, and that profit could be put to bringing back a salad bar or something so the inmates could eat better and maybe not have to go to the clinic for health problems by providing better food. Do the math on just 300 inmates a week with a profit of $16.00 ea.

One team of 4 volunteer inmates could make this work. 

The Federal System is collapsing and will continue to do so until Congress puts forth the effort to pass more laws to allow more elderly nonviolent and non sex offenders to be released early. Just the elderly care for inmates in Federal Prison is costing Billions of dollars for people confined to beds and wheelchairs and illnesses. Guidelines are not being followed by Federal Judges and sentences are being handed down with way too many years for nonviolent crimes. 

The Director of the BOP needs to be more hands on and spend much more time at the prisons instead of the painted-up doggie and pony show that is put on for her.  Outside inspections by the city need to be done so the Federal staff cannot cover for each other. 

This is a simple example of how you the taxpayers are being taxed so the Bush's and Bob Barker can make money on the Unicore program, Keefe products sold in Prison and the Prison buying all the stuff from Bob Barker. 

Be Smart before you vote in November. 

If Donald Trump would pledge to change all of this listed above and close Federal Camps, send anyone nonviolent first-time offenders’ home with no sex crimes that have below 10 points so they can get back to being productive citizens he would win this election hands down.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Joe Exotic

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